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Memorial Sculptures

Creating Unique original Memorials in lasting honour of a loved one in the form of a unique stone Sculpture/sarcophagus. These sculptures embody a serene spiritual element.


Each piece has been lovingly created as a one off original

They are the perfect centre piece for your garden and embody serenity, peace and beauty.




Uniquely designed & lovingly sculpted

Average height: stands: 60 - 70cm tall

Average weight: 10 - 20 kilos

Made from a mix including sand & concrete

Average Cost: $250.00 - $350.00 (transport costs not included)

Approximate time frame: 3 - 6 weeks


The Sculpture is particularly designed to hold a portion of a loved one’s ashes which are placed down inside the

sculpture and then sealed with mix supplied.

(It can also be sealed and used simply as a beautiful garden sculpture)



The sculpture shows the artist carving marks and imperfections which leaves no doubt as to their uniqueness.

There is something very special about owning a one off artwork that will not be created the same again.



My Story: Dad’s Ashes

I created a sculpture to hold a portion of my late father’s ashes, the rest of his ashes were scattered by family members in various places that held meaning to them.


I really love having his sculpture sarcophagus in my garden. I can sometimes feel his presence and he often communicates with me. I feel that this is a unique way to honour, remember and keep him close. Also I can take him with me if I move house.