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Hi Rose,

Painting received today, many thanks.

Somehow – I’m not sure how – your reading pretty accurately described my current feelings on life!  Thank you – it was a lot of fun opening a gift I’d bought for myself and not knowing what was inside!





Yes!  It arrived yesterday!

And I do really love it. Hubby even likes it a lot, and I was quite worried about that as our tastes don't always match (though there is some overlap).

Technically it's not hanging yet, but it is displayed in our living room, and I keep noticing other little intricacies of it... I do so much admire your work.

Definitely a positive experience, and well worth the money -- may just get more down the track ;-)





Hi Rose,

Have picked up the paintings tonight & am absolutely delighted with them!

Mine was absolutely where things are at, so much so that it was uncanny but not if you know what I mean..

I gave Christine hers tonight as it was her birthday & she was thrilled with it too.. We were trying to decipher the beautiful pictures - more hers- & then decided that the gift was in allowing the painting to speak each & every time you look at it..

The messages were very meaningful, Thank you..

They felt very personal, what an amazing gift you have.


In love & light



Hi Rose

Just wanted to say thanks for the lovely painting that you did – (Rochelle/Hobbsie & Tania/Trev commissioned it) for my birthday, it was just great and the message was very inspirational and positive.  The colours are vibrant, and so is the energy.


Cheers & thanks again (see you down the club!)

Deb Gilchrist



Hi Rose

Wow the painting was bloody awesome and Debs loves it, so thank you very much indeed.

The amazing thing was we went and had lunch and we were talking about her making sure that she delegates more work out when comes to do the funding for the club and then when we went back to the car and she opened it we were like, woah that’s spooky!!! Haha

But again thank you that was such an awesome present to give her, and we will be back for more for sure!!







Thank you so much for my painting, it is beautiful.

I have been having a hard time of it recently and this has really lifted my spirits - I think you probably knew that anyway.

Thank you again.

Have a fab yuletide and I look forward to acquiring more of your art next year.







Hello Rose,

Howard and I loved the painting and its now hanging where we can see it

everyday.  It was exactly how I view Howard on the inside.

Howard was particularly interested in the colours and if they were

representative of anything in particular.

Thank you for the beautiful painting. I couldn't have asked or anything

better or more on the mark.


Thank you : D




Dear Rose


Words can’t describe how I felt when I saw the painting. It is so beautiful, I absolutely love it. I was overwhelmed with feelings both happiness and sadness. As I started to read the inspirational message I cried, it is so beautiful. It touched me deeply and I am forever grateful. Thank you so much for the beautiful painting and message. It was just what I needed. I appreciate all you have done and I wish you all the best for the future.


Kind regards,


Your friend from Australia




The painting is FANTASTIC it arrived this morning before 9.00am and it was on the wall in our waiting area by 9.30. Stunning!

Everyone that has seen it today thinks it’s fantastic, thank you so much for being so generous and please feel free to visit us if you are ever down our way. I have placed your cards and calendars in the counselling rooms so I hope you will receive some business from them.


Best wishes and kind regards

Julie Irene & Kathy




Brilliant artist and a lovely, vibrant lady, Very friendly. Our painting is awesome; we're really thrilled with it and look forward to purchasing more of this hugely talented artists work!


Thanks Rose, Regards Chris H.




Rose, I’m speechless, its soooo much nicer than the picture, its so vibrant, and I had a tear in my eye when I read the poem, it feels it was meant for me. You are truly a divine artist and we HAVE to find you an outlet for your work where you can work full time at this,


You’re a gem!!!!



"I'm so glad I asked Rose to paint my dog for me! No photo or other visual representation of Tucker has ever managed to capture his character and spirit with such force. It's like his soul is embedded in the colours. This painting will keep his memory vibrant and alive forever. Thanks Rose!" -Galina Pembroke, Canada.


Editor of a fantastic on line magazine.  http://www.nuvunow.ca/ check it out!


 Great trade, paintings very well wrapped and delivered promptly after payment. Would have no hesitation in trading with again.

 Rose. Another painting that displays your talent in and with Art. A few more of your paintings will never go amiss, and my son wants one for his 'flat'. Excellent work - I rate you an AAAA++++ trader and AAAA++++ Artist.  

 Extremely friendly trader. Great communication and a great all round trade :) Look forward to purchasing more Rose ! A+  

 Awesome Trader,Fast contact and Postage of item.Will love to trade again!Cant wait to give the painting to my friend!A+++ :):)  


  Eva (rms)

 19 Jan 2005 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 20762817)

Quick contact and replies. Painting arrived promptly and looks great. 2nd time trading with Rose, would definately recommend her paintings, they look great.


  Peter (benzcruiser)

 18 Jan 2005 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 20761200)

Hi Rose. Thanks for the fantastic painting. I love it! Great trade, and I will be watching for another. AAA+++ Artistic Trader.


  Diana (free4)

 10 Jan 2005 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 20314967)

Great and honest person to deal with. Prompt delivery. Looking forward to trading with this trader again.


  Maree (dem1)  10 Jan 2005 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 20508463)

Fabulous..!!! so pleased with the painting...thank you Rose for sharing your passion that is expressed on canvas !! I'll be back :)


  Bryant (wildman21p)  10 Jan 2005 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 20315030)

Great trader, Excellent Art, will be trading again. Thanks


  Selena (ringsandthings)  6 Jan 2005 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 20235655)

Arrived quickly, and well protected! And also, a beautiful calming piece...Thanks :)


  kiwilisa (12) 6 Jan 2005 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 19962268)

It was a pleasure dealing with you and I love my bright colour on the wall. Keep up the great work!!!


  melinda6 (28) 17 Dec 2004 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 19681387)

fantastic trade - prompt response, very warm and friendly; highly recommended AAA+++ and awesome paintings!! thanks


  civil1 (5) 17 Dec 2004 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 19585559)

Wonderful art work and delightful to deal with. Good luck with all your art!


  scruffy7 (3) 9 Dec 2004 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 18919685)

quick response, paintings arrived in great condition and now hang proudly, would trade again


  longchops (12) 9 Dec 2004 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 18744330)

Great artist, love the paintings, hope to come and see your other works in the new year.


  gordonjohn (23) 8 Dec 2004 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 19116940)

I would just say to anyone if you can buy one of Rose's paintings, then do. Great TradeA++++


  dbursell (231) 8 Dec 2004 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 19247427)

Second purchase from Rose. Nice work, well packed and delivered promtly. Thanks for the great trade.


  icana (52) 8 Dec 2004 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 18703594)

Lovely, lovely, lovely. Great paintings - even better that the pictures!! Extremely happy. Thanks heaps Rose. Will definately buy again. A++++++++


  fatboy17 (14) 25 Nov 2004 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 17758723)

Rose your paintings only get better service is great


  rms (137) 23 Nov 2004 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 18452541)

Love the painting, thanks Rose. Excellent packing and arrived promptly, would definately trade with again.


  marnie3 (3) 22 Nov 2004 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 18387912)

Great trade. Loved the art, even better than the photo. Will buy art from Rose again. Thanks


  tiahna (13) 22 Nov 2004 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 18460923)

Excellent work! - Paintings look fantastic. Sale was a breeze, and conducted easily. Will definitely look out for further works by this artist.


  coltweb (10) 20 Nov 2004 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 18334215)

Recieved painting (very promt from time of payment!) awesome artwork and packaged really really well. Definately be buying more from roseritson.


  monkey43 (18) 20 Nov 2004 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 17829785)

excellent trade quick delivery awesome paintings, would trade again.


  nicksw (116) 19 Nov 2004 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 18333845)

An amazing artist! Prompt and friendly service and delivery appreciated. Thank you Rose.


  icana (52) 19 Nov 2004 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 18027929)

Wow!!!! Just received the paintings and couldnt be happier. Thanks heaps for a neat trade. Im rapt!!


  cfogarty (3) 18 Nov 2004 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 18069720)

My first trade and a great experience. Seller a pleasure to deal with and the artwork is superb


  microimaging (26) 16 Nov 2004 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 18143806)

Great trade, love the paintings. Thanks for the speedy communication and delivery. Highly recommended AAAA++++


  fatboy17 (14) 10 Nov 2004 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 17106651)

Rose your art work are a pleasure to own i now have 3 paintings and look forward to some more AAAA rating


  johoney (46) 9 Nov 2004 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 17757425)

Perfect in everyway. This trader is amazing, and very talented. I feel embarrassed about paying just a small sum for something so wonderful, thank you.


  gordonjohn (23) 7 Nov 2004 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 17762127)

A+++++ Great trade, so pleased with the artwork, hope to buy some more soon.


  whisper2 (3) 3 Nov 2004 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 17497895)

Very smooth transaction and more than happy with my purchase.


  tinytawnykitten (102) 29 Oct 2004 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 17138594)

Best trade I've ever done. Thanks Rose, you're fantastic!!


  wantitbuyit (1) 26 Oct 2004 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 16142675)

My dealing with Rose was seamless and a pleasure. The art work is fabulous.


  haylz28 (4) 20 Oct 2004 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 16566421)

Awesome Artist. Friendly & efficient and a great trader


  c.moore (15) 15 Oct 2004 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 16776313)

Great trade. Excellent communication. Painting arrived promptly and very well packaged. A fanastic piece that looks even better in real life.


  deedee9 (4) 15 Oct 2004 roseritson was the seller

(auction no. 15974502)

Wonderful artist and very easy to deal with. I will definitely be buying from her again.

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