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Let me create Your Visual Dream personalised painting



Our thoughts shape our lives. For good or for bad.

Creating a Visual reminder of something positive you wish to work toward can shape your future for the better.

It can bring fantastic things into your life, helping you to believe you have the power to change & draw things to you.  



Artwork can help serve as a great powerful & creative tool to focus your energy and meditate on.  


To order your Visual Dream painting it is simple,

I will send you a few questions to enable me to create an image tailored especially for you.



Sizes & media requirements can be commissioned.

contact me for any questions or orders


Dear Rose,


I feel so special and deeply touched to be a part of Your beautiful Project which is in its essence an amazing Connection of two Worlds: our Spiritual and our Reality.

The Spiritual World is equal Partner to our Reality World and we live everyday both scenarios, even if we are not so much aware of the Spiritual part. One without the other doesn't happen and it takes a higher level of consciousness to make a valuable connection...it's like a bridge needed to get from one side to the next: from our Dreams and Wishes to our Reality.

Rose is one of these people that touched my Soul!!! In listening to my story, to my dreams, wishes and hopes, she reached out and gave me her support and a helping hand in realizing my dream, to be a part of my journey by making this Visual painting

of the Process...

She became a Medium, a Bridge that connected my two Worlds...

The Vision of my Dream is in front of my eyes constantly and helps me to concentrate and remind myself that life is this beautiful Journey and all we have to do is Believe in our Dreams and Wishes to make them True...because this is the only way we can get from one Coast to the other...

I'm taking this opportunity to thank you Rose from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful Spirituality and your given special Skill of Art which you so selflessly decided to share with me...I would reccommend to everybody to get in touch with Rose and try this beautiful and profound Spiritual experience...from Wish to Reality...from Here  to Eternity...because there are no limits what we can achieve!!!

Thank you, deeply appreciated forever!!!


Yours truly



Adriana's Painting